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Our Lady of Guadalupe

The empress and protectress of the Americas.

   Pope John Paul II has called her," The Light of the New Evangelization."  In 1979 Pope John Paul II made his first pilgrimage to Mexico and consecrated his papacy to Our Lady of Guadalupe.  In 1999, he made his fourth pilgrimage there and consecrated the entire continent to her and declared that the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother and Evangelizer of America, be celebrated through- out the continent on December 12th.  John Paul II delivered a summary of the historic first All-American Bishops’ Synod at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. He proclaimed Our Lady of Guadalupe as the Mother of All America. “Now is the time”, he said, “of the New Evangelization to lead the People of God in America to cross the threshold of the third millennium with renewed hope.” He entrusted to her, as the Star of the New Evangelization, the “future path of the Church on the great continent of America.” He referred to America in the singular to emphasize the call to all Americans to unity and solidarity.  As he looked at an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Holy Father said, “Now, as we prepare for the Great Jubilee Year 2000, I ask her to visit as a pilgrim of faith each and every diocese, parish and family in America. May she cross this continent bringing it life, sweetness and hope! May she enliven and protect the work of the New Evangelization!” The Church must pro-claim the Gospel of Life and speak out with prophetic force against the culture of death. This is our cry: life with dignity for all...The time has come to banish once and for all from the Continent every attack against life...As a matter of urgency, we must stir up a new springtime of holiness on the Continent so that action and contemplation will go hand in hand.”

    The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico is the only place in the world where she has appeared and she has  left her image! She left this image of herself for the people of ALL the Americas!!  She must have  wanted to tell the people of the Americas that they are very special!!  Christopher Columbus was said to have carried a replica a famous statue said to have been carved by St. Luke of Our Lady of Guadalupe from Guadalupe, Spain.  Columbus was considered by church historians as kinda Marian Mystic. He and his crew sang the Hail Mary every night.  He named his main vessel the Santa Maria in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe and sailed under her banner he named one of the islands he found "Guadeloupe" spelled slightly different.  So she is truly the Patroness of the Americas!
    In 1531 Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego in Mexico. The Spanish had already defeated the Aztecs in Mexico and ended their ritual human sacrifices, and a small group of Franciscan missionaries began to evangelize the new world. There were complex tensions between the missionaries and Spanish that complicated the missionaries’ evangelization effort.   

    Msgr. Chavez postulator of Juan Diego said, "God intervened through His own Mother, Our Lady of Guadalupe!  To replace the Aztec practice of human sacrifice that the Spaniards has suppressed, Mary brought the final sacrifice of Jesus Christ. ?The Aztecs had taken the heart and blood of human victims to feed the gods of their religion,”  “Now Holy Mary of Guadalupe was showing them the real sacrifice in the blood of Jesus Christ. In the image of Guadalupe, Mary is pregnant; in the center of the image is Jesus Christ in her womb. She is saying you don’t kill victims to feed gods, but the Son of God will give you his own flesh and blood in the Eucharist, to nourish you with eternal life.” The Aztecs were sad and fatalistic after the Spanish conquerors took away their altars of sacrifice and smashed their temples. But Mary said that God wishes to dwell within them in the Eucharist. “That is why she sent Juan Diego to the bishop to ask for a house for God, a church,” Msgr. Chavez said. “She is asking for a place for the priests and bishops to present the bread of Life to the people.”  In asking for a temple, he said, Mary is asking for the establishment of a new civilization in the heart of the New World. “This would be a civilization of love for all people,” he noted. “This is still the time of the new civilization. We still need to build this civilization in obedience to the request of the Mother of God.”
We need a massive conversion and the Culture of Death to cease more than ever today!!  Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego on Dec 9th 1531 in the midst of the Protestant rebellion when King Henry broke from Rome but Our Lady converted over 9 million to Catholicism and she can still do it today......

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An afternoon of prayer and reflection.

Monday, January 19, 2019

St. Thomas More Church

11441 Goodwood Blvd., Baton Rouge, La 70815

2:00 PM: Mission Rosary: "The Sorrowful Mysteries for Conversion"

2:30 PM: Holy Mass

3:30 Talk on components of Mission

1. Prayer Cenacales

2. Concecrations

3. Home Enthronements of Our Lady of Guadalupe


Our Lady of Prompt Succor Anniversary Mass

Celebrating 200 Years of the Victory of The Battle of New Orleans! 

Our Lady of Prompt Succor National Shrine

January 8, 2015

4:00 pm Anniversary Mass


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Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos Birthday Mass

"Saint of New Orleans"

January 11, 2015

Holy Mass 1:00 PM

st. Mary's assumption, new orleans, la

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Louisiana Life March

South, Baton Rouge,Louisiana January 24, 2015

Mission: Unite the Prolife people of Louisiana, across all denominational lines, to take a  stand in our State's Capital and mobilize them with resources to make a difference in their community. We believe that Louisiana Life March can lead to an abortion-free Louisiana.

North, Shreveport/Bossier, Louisiana, January 14, 2015

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Louisiana Life March in Baton Rouge at the State Capital

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Defending the Seal of Confession!

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