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Baton Rouge and Our Lady of La Vang

Baton Rouge, Louisiana July 17, 2016


The Power of Mercy  

     This is a Jubilee Year of Mercy that Pope Francis has so generously lavished upon us!   This is the perfect time to reflect, learn and practice the message of  God's Divine Mercy. 

   The Holy Father is only imitating what God, Our Father is so eagerly wanting to give us. This Year of Mercy obtains a plenary indulgence- the complete remission of all temporal punishment due to sin.  To obtain this indulgence, the faithful must go through a Holy Door usually found in all cathedrals and other churches in each diocese across the globe designated by the local bishop. This action reflects a deeper desire for conversion.  Also, the faithful must receive Holy Communion, go to confession and pray for the Holy Father.

   One of the most important and powerful ways to learn  about God's Divine Mercy is through the message of Divine Mercy in St. Faustina's Diary.  St. Faustina was the first saint to be canonized by Pope Saint John Paul II in the year 2000 which was also a Jubilee Year! In the Diary, Our Lord told St. Faustina, "The greatest sinner has the greatest right to His Mercy!" (Entry 146) There are so many great promises in the Divine Mercy Message: Divine Mercy Sunday, The Divine Mercy Hour, Divine Mercy Novena, and Praying the Chaplet by the bedside of the sick and dying.

    In turn, we must imitate that Mercy to others so we can all benefit from His gracious gift, a kind of a "Pay it Forward!"  In the context of God's Divine Mercy, these acts of Mercy are defined as the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.

Letter of the Holy Father on the indulgence during the Jubilee Year here.

Tricia Parsons, Editor and webmaster


Mobile Confession for the Year of Mercy
in Acadiana, Louisiana

    For the Year of Mercy, the diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana is introducing a new mobile confessional to help bring people back to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Made from a donated and converted ambulance, the confessional on wheels will officially begin service Dec. 8, the feast of the Immaculate Conception and the beginning of the year Pope Francis has declared a “Jubilee of Mercy.”“During the Year of Mercy we want to bring the sacrament to areas where people otherwise might not be able to get to confession,” said Father Michael Champagne, the priest behind the project.“As the pope was saying, we have to smell like sheep. These days it’s more like leaving the one to go after the 99,” he said.

Get the entire article from OSV here


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